Clean-Up Services

Pool cleaning Service:

We offer two different kinds of Pool Cleaning services

  • Power Vacs
  • Weekly Cleanings

Power VAcuums:

  • These are generally needed shortly after the pool is opened.
  • It is a heavy cleaning of any debris at the bottom of your pool (i.e., leaves, sand, dirt, and algae).
  • This does not include chemical balancing (i.e., adding chemicals) as the service will, since it does drain some water out of the pool; however, we will take a water sample and let you know what chemicals you will need.

Weekly Cleanings

  • This includes Weekly or Bi-Weekly vacuuming, brushing and skimming of your pool.
  • We do on the spot computerized water testing and add any chemicals needed at an additional cost for any chemicals used.
  • We check the filter system to assure everything is running properly!

Weekly and Bi-Weekly cleaning- 
Includes skimming, brushing, and vacuuming pool.

Testing water with computerized system, and adding chemicals if needed (chemicals charged separately)