Openings & Closings

Call us at 631-813-2912 to schedule your Pool Openings and Closings.

Pool Openings:

What is included with your Pool Openings:

  • We remove your safety cover and roll it up for you.
  • Our basic pool opening includes installation of your ladder, starting your pump and heater if your pool water is at operating level, and a pool shock treatment.
  • Pool openings DO NOT include vacuuming of pool.

Preparing for your pool opening

  • Please bring water level to middle of the skimmer.
  • Have all equipment out and ready for the day of your opening.
  • If you are not having us remove your pool cover, please make sure it is removed before we arrive, and that pool water is at operating level.

What to expect and what not to expect

  • If any equipment is not functioning at the time of opening, we will do what we can to finish the pool opening but we cannot do equipment repairs at this time. Our opening schedule is tight and equipment repairs will need to be scheduled for another time as a, service call.
  • Please understand that a pool opening does not guarantee swimmable water immediately. Depending on how the pool will open, it might need the addition of chemicals and/or cleaning, we offer free water analysis at our store and recommend bring in a water sample 24 hours after pool opening.

Pool Closings:

  • What is included with your Pool Closings:
  • Our basic pool closing includes, taking off ladder, pulling apart your pump and filter, removing skimmer basket and return eyeballs, plugging your skimmer and return eyeballs, blowing out your lines, adding antifreeze if needed, and a pool shock treatment.
  • We will also install your safety cover.
  • Pool closings do not include vacuuming of pool, unless scheduled and paid for in advance for it.

Preparing for your pool closing

  • If you have a Loop Loc safety cover please lower water level about 6” bellow skimmer.
  • If you have a normal Water-bag Cover please DO NOT lower water level.
  • Please have storage and winterizing equipment accessible (i.e., gizmos, plugs, waterbags, etc.). Should we need to use or winterizing equipment, it will be added to your bill at retail price.

Additional services offered at pool closings

  • DE or Cartridge filter cleaning
  • Salt system Cell Cleaning
  • It is recommended to clean the inside of your filter and salt cell to keep your pool at optimal performance for the following season. Please call ahead to schedule these additional services to be added to your closing.

We open and close both In ground Pools and Above Ground Pools
Call for Pricing and scheduling